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uPnP not opening UDP port for DHT?


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I was having a problem until recently where the DHT status was stuck at 0 peers (login) or "waiting to log in".

It also said uPnP okay, and my torrents were downloading okay.

I checked my router config, and uTorrent had only opened the TCP port with uPnP. Should it also be opening a UDP port, so that DHT can work?

I forced the port open using my router config, and now DHT connects okay.

How many DHT peers should I be seeing? It's only at 254 peers now. I was expecting more, especially seeing that Azureus' DHT has 900,000+ peers. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help!

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1.) You connect to nodes, not peers. Get used to it. Your amount seems fine. :/

2.) Azureus calculates the amount of peers through the bucket density, therefore it's an approximation only, and a very rough one at that.

3.) It's a mathematical improbability that you can connect to 900,000+ users - unless you have all the bandwidth in the world available to yourself, which again, is virtually impossible. :P

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OK. It's getting enough peers anyway.

About my other question, should uPnP be opening a UDP port? If not, maybe it should be, otherwise people have to open the port manually for DHT to work?

I thought this change in the b431 might have something to do with it:

- Change: DHT binds UDP socket to net.bind_ip

But no.

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