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UTorrent NAT error on LAN


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I'm new on this forum and know only the basics of torrents. This is my second torrent program i use and it seems much more eficient than the other one. But still, my error remains.

I am on a Win XP Prof SP2 OS, with a 256 kb dsl. The only thing on my computer that could be wrong is the Windows firewall, but I put UTorrent in the exceptions list. My biggest problem (which I think slows down my dl) is that I get Internet from another computer on LAN. The connection is made with a MAXTOR Switch (I found PTC-SW5P wrote on the back as the model). Also, the owner of the other computer doesn't want to deactivate his firewall (also the Windows default firewall).

The NAT Error message comes after a while UTorrent is opened. The strange thing I saw is that when i tried to dl 1 specific torrent, it maneged to connect to many peers and it dl at 50-60 kb/s. Others go with 1, and some (a little part) go with 20 kb/s. Right now I'm trying to dl a torrent which has 146 peers, but my torrent connect's only to three.

I hope I gave you all the info needed to help me...

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The Modem is Scientific Atlanta? The thing that confuses me is that it has WebSTAR written on it also, so I don't really know which is it.

As I said before, the connection is made through a switch...as I know, the switch is a sort of router, but not so complex.

As I see it, it has only one ethernet jack.

And now I also have some questions:

What exactly is the ISP (I guess it's the Internet Service Provider) and how can I login to my modem.

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ISP = Internet Service Provider

Scientific Atlanta and WebSTAR are usually cable modems not sure they make dsl modems.

Either http or telnet to login to the modem, Example http : in IE6 address-bar type in: hit enter a login would come up and you put in the login info.

Your switch appears to be a 'Mentor PTC-SW5P' not a Maxtor, at anyrate it has no routing functions. There has to be some routing done with multiple pc's where you have a router somewhere else in the chain or your isp is selling you multiple ip addresses.

As to the windows firewall have you forwarded the ports or disabled the firewall long enough to see if the nat error goes away?

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... I get Internet from another computer on LAN ...

Is that "connection sharing" or routing done with Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or Kerio Firewall or some other application? If it's done with ICS, I don't think you can forward your ports. With Kerio, it's possible though.

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I would firstly like to apolagise for my mistakes and thank Jon for pointing them to me. I indeed have cable connection and a Mentor switch.

My ISP is RDS, Romania.

In the Windows firewall options I forwarded the port 27049, used by UTorrent, but it didn't do no good. Then I totally disabled it and the NAT Error message dissapeared. Nothing comes in it's place. So that leaves a blank space there.

As for the routing done with other PC's, that's kinda impossible, because there are only my computer and the one directly connected to the Internet. Or is there something I miss..?

The connection sharing is indeed done with ICS.

I would also like to ask if I have a program like Yahoo Messenger open, would UTorrent go slower?

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Sorry I'm slow to reply, busy days. At anyrate I think I understand your setup now. You have 2 computers connected to a switch computer 1 is getting internet directly from a cable modem and using internet connection sharing to provide internet to computer 2, you are either getting a blank no info or nat error where it should be saying network ok, and you never recieve the network ok message.

Does that sound about right ?

Have you read the faq?

Use this link to test if nat is working properly. http://www.btfaq.com/natcheck.pl

I think your problem is going to wind up being do to connecting through internet connection sharing, it's just not designed to handle this type of connection. If you Pickup a router and connect that to your cable modem and both computers connect to the router all your problems will go away. I like the Dlink 634mimo routers, but I think there is another thread on which router to choose.

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