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Torrent hash check kills upload/download speed


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This it not a major problem but one which I'm trying to solve. Regardless of the number of active torrents, whenever a hash check is requested all internet traffic (maybe ALL network traffic) becomes errativ.

Every 21 seconds there is a blip of activity shown on the Speed tab which diminishes over the next twenty seconds down to zero. This cycle is repeated until the hash check finishes when normal service is resumed.

All extraneous software has been removed. I've zapped the µTorrent config folder in it's entirety and am running 'straight out of the box' with only the inbound port changed.

Is this behaviour expected? The PC is a 2Ghz Sempron running XPSP2.

Thanks in advance.

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Well, that's kinda weird, that's a pretty slow connection for it to get affected... But well, there's not much you can do about it (I had it sometimes when hash checking over the network) until ludde decides to recode the disk i/o stuff :P

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