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Can't download - This just happened out of nowhere - Why?


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I'm using uTorrent -

I've shut down, deleted them, restarted them, etc... over and over again. There are a couple of sites where the downloads seem to be working fine, but most places aren't doing anything.

The past three I've tried, from two different sites, in the uTorrent screen they don't show any seeds/peers at all, and over on the far left the blue upside down triangles have a red circle with a white line through it. When I click on them, down at the bottom, everything says zero and a big red line goes across the entire screen.

I don't understand why a couple of my downloads have worked, but others aren't doing anything at all.

If anyone wants to actually chat with me to help, I'm on AIM (EternalotnemeM), MSN (EternalotnemeM@hotmail.com), and Yahoo (BrentLumkin) right now. Thanks!

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