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µTorrent Mac 1.0.2 stable (23439)


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Here's the first stable version of µTorrent Mac! It's currently not as feature rich as the Windows client, but we're working hard to improve the client and reach feature parity.

Download it now!

Changes in 1.0.2 (23439)

* Fix: startup crash

* Fix: bug in preferences panel

Changes in 1.0.1 (22592)

* Fix: Clicking on magnet link in the browser adds the torrent after launching uTorrent.

* Fix: Deleting torrent data should only delete files and directories belonging to the torrent.

* Fix: UserAgent now sent correctly in HTTPS requests.

* Change: Dropped extra revision digit from version number.

Changes in (20277)

* Fix: Create torrent

* Fix: Adjusted uTP protocol packet scaling.

Changes in beta (19873)

* Client promoted to release

* Fix: Creating directories on external drives now fixed.

Changes in (19773)

* Fix: When external drive with the download directory is not connected, do not create the missing directory in /Volumes.

* Fix: Fixed deleting non-torrent files when dropped on application window.

* Fix: Sort order no longer randomly changes when sorting on fields other than name.

* Added create torrent dialog.

* Fix: Shutdown bug that cancels computer shutdown when the quit dialog is disabled.

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my upload speed is set to be limited to 960kbps but is limited to 240kbps (the total speed of all uploads is always 240 almost exactly no matter if theres 4 torrents being seeded or 1) any idea what I should do?

I have port forwarded, this problem doesn't go away when I connect using ethernet instead of wireless, and I have Comcast but the throttling test says they are not restricting my bandwidth. Also my speed-test results are 20mbps/9mbps and downloads with optimum seeders peak at 2mbps (usually go at 1-2 once hit 3).

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The deleted files does not appear in trash before you open the directory which the deleted files was deleted from. And utorrent will not delete the whole map but just the files in the map and you have to delete it manually and that is very annoying.

I see now that it is not ready to be released as stable, as his client have some minor bugs and miss some vital futures (for example prompt user to choose download directory and select the file that one want to download).

Thanks for your hard work!

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****I agree with ohaiwill. That search feature has always bothered me. Most people don't use the search feature to search for torrents. They have private and public trackers that they use. They do however want to find the torrents that they download. I have 1200 downloads and a useless search feature. Please change this for the final version in addition to including the dates and times that specific torrents were downloaded!!!****

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