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µTorrent Mac 1.0.2 stable (23439)


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I am disappointed with the way developers are working this out! Windows version has gone from version 1 almost to 3 since first alpha for mac was released. I mean if you cant do it why keep us hopeful?

I have waited for this app in almost 3 years now! How long more do we have to wait? Every time somebody asks this question you say that you don't deal with ETAs.

Nobody including me would have been here if they had a dissent alternative to this, but it is so frustrating to com here week after week after week for nothing.

If you wanted to just develop the windows version have the mac version as a hobby, why did you begin this at first?


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A question about the HTTP_AGENT headers please.

On non ssl torrents it sends : "uTorrentMac/1000(20277)"

On SSL torrents it sends: (urldecoded): "%C2%B5Torrent20277 CFNetwork/438.14 Darwin/9.8.0 (Power%20Macintosh) (PowerMac6%2C3)"

Why the difference?

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I've already posted about a practical search feature to search through torrents in the client, but on the mac version of utorrent the ability to chose the download location for each file seems to be even more important. If those two features, practical search and the ability to change the download location of each file are implemented I think that the mac version would be leaps and bounds better than it is today. Kudos on enabling torrent creation in the client. I had to download a competing product to do that for awhile. Hopefully with those updates I and millions of others like me can just stick with Utorrent.

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I read this thread but didn't notice anywhere there noting the issue of µTorrent (20277) (the most current) still having problems creating directories and subdirectories on external drives. I'm still having to manually create them on my external USB drive. I've had this problem since 1.0. And, I've read on some other post that it has been resolved. I've deleted all µTorrent preferences as per the mods directions and it still won't create them. So, this issue is most definitely not resolved.

Just my 2¢. Continue the good work!

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Great work on I am looking to access some of the advanced features, such as enabling bt.enable_tracker or the web gui.

Is there a way to access the advanced options within the Mac client? I apologize for being an OS X newbie, but I did try to look in the Help section of the app, and it sent me to the forums :)

Thanks in advance !

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