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Window Size in 0.93 and 1.0

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Hello, thx for the best torrent app on the mac. My concern is about the window size. Starting with the above versions you cant make the default window small.

I usually only have one to two torrents to download at a time so a window which fits like 30 torrent progresses is way to big. it just eats up my spare desktop space. since i cant imagine why µTorrent does need such a big window (just to show some nice white space?), i'm asking for the ability to use the window-size-drawer to make the window much much smaller if wanted (as i do).


thx for listening.

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it's not a difficult issue to fix. why does it still exist? Transmission has a decent window that can be resized no problem. I just downloaded this app and i'm baffled by how UN-mac it is! very brute-force interface design.

am going back to transmission - this app is just too ugly to use on a mac, and functions exactly the same as Transmission.

that's what u get for not dealing with issues in time.

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