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[Build 428-431] Taskbar/systray freezes


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With the beta build 428 I often experienced lock ups of the taskbar (unable to click on Quick Start icons and/or other running windows). Workaround for me so far is to kill the explorer-process and restart explorer.exe.

With build 431 this problem occurs much more and also much earlier after a clean reboot.

I tried toggling the systray settings in the preferences of utorrent. No luck.

[WinXP SP2 latest hotfixes]

Any thoughts?

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No I am sure I have no malware running. I don't run/play/try bogus-software at my workstation. Don't use IE. Don't use Outlook nor OE etc. I don't have this problem when utorrent isn't running.

After experiencing this problem I double-checked by running:

- Spybot

- AdAware

- Avast virusscan

FYI: other programs running (most also displayed in systray):

- Logitech iTouch

- McAfee Enterprise v8

- MSI Bluetooth software

- Novell client 4.91SP1-current

(and yes, I also tried with disabling them all).


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Check the incompatible software list on the FAQ and read the entries carefully.

Disabling does not work fyi, only an uninstall.

I already read this list, and again after your post ;-) Did you have any specific entry in mind, because I can't see any of these entries will apply to me?

[yeah, sorry for my bad English]


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First: Thanks so far for your effort.

I have to mention that the CPU-usage is normal (almost 0-zero). Memory usage seems also normal, no leaking processes.

For now: I'll try to run without the McAfee Virusscan. Note, I'm not using Avast virusscan (only used for double-check and uninstalled after) or a software firewall.

I'll post my results later...

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I experience the same problems as described in:



So far the workaround for me (not to eliminate the problems, but let them less occure; for about 8-14 hours) is:

- diskio.write_queue_size = 32768

- diskio.read_cache_size = 32768

- never minimize the uTorrent window

Specs: ADSL 3000/512, 1GB RAM, USB2.0 Interface/HDU, betabuild 432

I will try build 434 and post later on ....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I don't have problem any more.

It appears that µtorrent was not causing the problem!!

With instalation of µtorrent I bought new memory, new graphic card, installed new windows pack... I was doing my best to find solution for that.

For now I think it was about memory drivers :)

Anyway 1.5 is working fine for a while :))


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