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µTorrent 2.0.3 released


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thats funny, I just registered to make that same note, the Upload and Download limits are IGNORED (confirmed 2 different PC's, one updated client, one fresh install), it also seems that the connection limits are ignored (unconfirmed, could just be my network timeout setup)

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with utorrent 2.0.2 i still get no response and it stays frozen for awhile before you can use it. I was wondering if this will eventually be fix. I am not sure why this program hesitates to open or function sometimes. i just give it time and eventually it comes back to life. I think simple is best as not everybody wants to be advance user they just expect things to work. i see a lot of people messing things up then posting it say it is not working lol. simple efficient quality product is all i need.

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limits should apply to every thing internet goes to pot if UTP is left to do its norm thing, And an bug as well or just to catch users out with UTP when you tick options like always ask for manual download UTP becomes unticked (alt colours did it as well)

Why the ask before download setting Had to be messed with in the first place is confusing if your used utorrent (or any download app) for an very long time and Forcing it is also plane annoying for upgrade users who do not want it to change

You should be adding an option when Downloading if we wish to Never see this box just download right away thats how it should be done as you be getting lots of pointless questions about an default setting that should still be ticked

pointing to the FAQ is not very helpful as i would of not looked there as the default action (still have not looked) is norm to ask in any app, both boxes should be ticked any way so you can see what you are downloading before you start it

is this an personal option or is it to try to work around the utorrent hanging issue

at the moment the 3 issues (these are what affect the main user genuinely)

Default should be default to ask (ok minor but your going to get a lot of posts about it)

locking up issues with some users (only happened to me once but not sure what was going on) Hash check Thread or move file thread should be thread safe as official emule that i used to use an long time ago suffered from hanging to to data move or hash check

UTP upload limit should also default match the upload limit (should not even be an option for it just overhead that's all) as its beta i guessing your trying to work out the high ping issues ? as UTP is still uploading little to fast and does not thottle back enough, i have to set utorrent on my connection to 20KB/s get full download speed

@ others

i think Hangs are reported to urttorent devs (as i seen some log reports about it when mine locked up) when it happens just give it 1-3 mins to un hang and it will send that info to utorrent

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regarding the Add torrent dialog. This is what the manual says:

Always show dialog on manual add tells µTorrent to display the Add New Torrent dialog even if a default download location is. If left unchecked, µTorrent automatically sets the download location to the specified location and adds the torrent job to the torrent jobs list accordingly, without user intervention.
Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent will tell µTorrent to display the Add New Torrent dialog. If unchecked, µTorrent will simply ask where you'd like to save the torrent contents, assuming a default download location is not set.

i.e. if you set a default download directory, you need to set the "always show dialog" in order to see the add torrent dialog.

Does anyone see a behavior in uTorrent that violates this semantic?

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the problems are different:

1. The default: you've reversed it. people are just used to the old default.

2. The UI: the functional behavior of a single dialog is split between two dialogs. Think on how to put them in one place and maybe re-phrase.

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For now I think changing the default is enough though.

The way you change a default (see calc_overhead... in 2.01) is like stabbing people in the back. You do that w/o any word about it during install. At least pop up some text dialog explaining the change and the relevant settings, or link to the changelog and explain it there :(

And for the record: I'm against this changed default ... :( no speed limit may just open up more uT issues that were not tested enough , also it's against "speediguide regulations" ... If a user sets a limit there he wants it enforced, and on all traffic

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Yeah if I want to set a limit... thats it... setting a limit... while the idea of being able to set limits SEPARATELY is nice (for different protocols and the like) if your going to use it BUT the DEFAULT should be REVERSED!

IE, your a new uT user and you adjust the limits for UL/DL and thats that you should be good to go right? WRONG!, if you are a power user however and want to separate the different protocols then you should change the option, so instead of:

Apply rate limit to uTP connections

Apply rate limit to transport overhead


Do not apply rate limit to uTP connections

Do not apply rate limit to transport overhead

(and of course they should be unchecked by default, after-all its not just power users using uTorrent, probably the MAJORITY of your user base is unaware of these options and/or the power they weild)

@arvid: """i.e. if you set a default download directory, you need to set the "always show dialog" in order to see the add torrent dialog."""

With the latest beta (both update and fresh install on different systems) I NEVER set a default download directory, and before this beta, the dialog always showed up, even now I have to check both of them, so something is wrong and is breaking the schematic (unless I am reading the manual wrong, which is possible, but I find unlikely, unless of course like the many different versions of the bible, the wording is somehow interpreted differently from user to user... or developer to user -seems to be the case)

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Still - high PPS related to connections (Packets/sec) in 2.03. My thought about it are here:


Feel free to comment .

The bottom-line suggestions to improve the PPS are:

- Do not do uTP connecting retries at all

- reduce concurrent TCP con. half_open on non XP systems to 32

- add new uTP "half_open-like" limiter - also set it to 32

- reduce bt.connect_rate default to 5

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tray icon - set download speed limit, then remove it (through tray icon menu, again) - and "apply rate limit to uTP connection" checkbox is cleared automatically.

ps: if you don`t change settings page from "branwidth" to something else, the checked box "apply rate limit to uTP connection" checkbox is cleared automatically upon hitting OK.

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The updater locked up.. tried updating many times through the updater.. it completely locked up.. Windows XP Sp3. I had to force end task uTorrent and the uTorrent tmp files so I could manually download the update and install it.

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updater worked for me (7 x32)!

"- Change: rate limit uTP by default"


Just the download/torrent box and its sitting pretty eh!

I had camped an older version a while back, glad to see the changes however (that and Azureus before i was forced to up to Vuze... stupid crap)

Keep up the GREAT work!

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"There is a check box now too."

I know that; That's not the issue.

NONE of the limits work, regardless of the way it's set. It's just running away now. I'm on a total IP communication line, and uT is killing my television and phone connections now. I have it set to 1meg up and 2 meg down, but it's still spiking at times to well over 5megs up, and I've hit 14meg down. That's fine at 3 am but not when I'm watching, or not watching as the case is now, TV or trying to use our phone service.

(win7-U x64) if it helps.

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Rafi: I'm on 2.0.3 B 20193

Nothing solved. Still have runaway bandwidth. Can't figure it out. Only thing I can figure without going to the extent of decompiling the program is that when they changed the settings, they forgot to add a 'then' command somewhere. It's not the end of the world, just something that needs to be debuged at some point in the near future.

while the idea of being able to set limits SEPARATELY is nice (for different protocols and the like

What would be real nice if 'they' wish to go with this idea would be adding manual control for EVERY supported protocol.

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Iostinolodos: speed limiter is fine on XP. I would try to double-check if the scheduler is disabled, disabling UTP altogether (bandwidth management) or disable/enable the new IPV6/toredo (net.disable_ipv6 ).

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