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µTorrent 2.0.3 released


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downed the latest build still the add torrent window doesnt pop up which is annoying..tried renaming settings.dat

but didnt work. in fact if running 2 instances really makes a mess of things. since it goes looking for settings else where not the install folder for the instance

how hard can this be to fix this .theres been 2 updates since the bug was reported...

last time gui stuffed up was with the columns not working.. dropped out.

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@psspss/Hogge: make sure of that - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=432957#p432957 ...

and... good work on the latest 2.03 build(s)! It has very nice performance-results :) I hope it is released soon. I think we can expect it to greatly improve the over-whole BT swarms' performance.

Still, I'll be more comfortable with:

1) An updated/new help file, to cover the new UI settings/speed-graph

2) better legend for the speed-graph, or better yet - a way to enable/disable the new TCP-related lines, and better yet - have them disabled by default.

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some dump files from here from 20228 (i know its older version you can get them if your want them only day or 2 old)



feature request

need to add right click paste option (or/and edit paste) so i can copy URI or torrent links and paste them with out having to click on add torrent or add URL (more so when your trying to paste more then 2 URI's or torrents)

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So I allowed it to upgrade from 20268 to 20367 and now uTorrent can't find any of my files. The downloads that were in the process can't be located and the completed downloads can't be found. I already checked the directories in the config and they are the same as they were previously. I only upgraded to this build because the ability to control limits manually had stopped working in the 20268 build.

Can anyone suggest how I can 'reconnect' uTorrent with the files?

Thank you..

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waffull: Strange... what Windows & anti-virus/firewall are you using ? was uTorrent been updated/excluded in their rules ? Doing a 'force recheck' on a torrent don't help either ?

To me it sounds like resume.dat setting file is blocked or corrupted. You can use Ultima's bencode editor to confirm that, and also view resume.old to maybe rename and use it instead.

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thanks for the response. Force Recheck did not help.

- OS: Win7 Ultimate x86

- AV: Avast home

I haven't had a problem upgrading other 2.0.3 builds, so this was indeed odd. Being impatient, I manually re-added all the seeded torrents and restarted most of the downloading torrents. So for now that's ok.

BUT, another odd problem... I can't get upload speeds faster than 5KB/s. I have a 35Mb/35Mb line and often have upload speeds in the hundreds of KB/s and even 1 to 1.5MB/s at times.

I was thinking of renaming the settings files as described above, but wasn't sure what problems that could cause for current active torrents (I have about 40 right now..)

Any help on this would also be appreciated.

PS: I will disable AV for the next upgrade and no, the utorrent folder is not excluded from AV scans (should it be? That seems a bit risky to me?)

Thank you!!!

UPDATE: I re-ran the Setup Guide and can now get faster upload speeds. But if I make a change to any of the 5 settings (Max connections, Max active total, upload spots, global connections or max active downloads) speeds max out again at 5KB/s for each torrents upload.. Odd.....

UPDATE 2: Never mind, that was only a short lived fix. Five minutes later, back to 5KB/s max uploads:(

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In post no. #109 I had asked "Does this release include the fix for utorrent close issue in Windows 7 32bit/64bit ?

(Posted in http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php … 96&p=1)"

and in post # 110 user DreadWingKnight had replied that "seahawk, how can a uTorrent release fix a windows bug?"

But my question is that if it is a windows bug then why other torrent clients like Vuze (Formerly Azureus) or Bit torrent which has similar functionality doesn't have any such issues?

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Is it possible to get build 20268 so I can downgrade? I only see the newest build for download. These extremely slow upload speeds are very frustrating.

I tried renaming the settings files so they were recreated, but upload speeds are still maxing out, although now at 10kB/s instead of 5kB/s.


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Utorrent froze on me tonight (20367), so I made a dmp file -- first one since last November. But unlike previous .dmp files that were in the range of 119 KB .. 228 KB, this one is 247,699 KB!!!! That's too big to upload anywhere.

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