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What is happening!?


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I have NEVER had any steady speeds before, because all my downloads are small, i didn't whine or anything. But today i decided to download a large file. It wants me to wait 20 years to complete the download.

Things to note before replying

1)Port is opened, i have already checked with all websites that helps you to check whether your ports are opened

2)However, in the speed guide in uTorrent, it says "Port is not opened but you are still able to download"

3)I already port forwarded. I double checked my settings.

4)Settings are already optimised based on my internet speed

5)Advanced settings are already adjusted according to stickied threads

6)Yes i already tried what port-forward.com suggests

OS: Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

Modem: 2wire 2700HG-D

Please advice.

PS, don't ask me to check the other stickied threads, i have already done all that.

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UPnP (unticked)

NAT-PMP (unticked)

Max Upload rate 22

Max connections 60

Max connected peers per torrent 35

Upload slots 3

DHT Netwoek (unticked)

DHT for new torrents (unticked)

Protocol Encryption Enabled, Allow incoming legacy connections

Max active torrents 2

Max active downloads 1

Things i've changed in advanced

bt.connect.speed 4

bt.tcp_rate_control False

bt.transp_disposition 26

net.max_halfopen 4

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