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[431] - cannot open file (in files Tab) on Win 98


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In Files-tab, I cannot right-click->open any file. It comes with a pop-up "... the file might not have been properly downloaded.."

It is the same for all file types.

I have a DL directory set in folders options. It seems to work OK for other Windows. Win98 again ?Can someone else with Win98 confirm this ?

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Here is the test sequence for it:

1. check option .!uT

2. exit uT

3. run uT

4. try file->open now (fails)

5. uncheck/check .uT option

6. try open now - it works

opening of DLing file IS OK if you define the use of .!uT extension and associate a previewer for it ( I use avipreview) . For those users that do not use .uT extension - you can add a "preview with..." right-click menu item and let users define their previewer in the options...


This some times does work, and some other times - does not... :(

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Hm. Well, if the file has the !ut extension, then it's incomplete (µT only appends this extension to incomplete files). Therefore, µTorrent's diagnosis is correct: "... the file might not have been properly downloaded.."

Can you screenshot the dialog? It seems that µT might just refuse to open files if they're incomplete. Otherwise, I don't know how it knows whether or not a file is "corrupt".

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Since I find myself is a weird position, where I feel that you guys do not believe the facts, here are the evidence. Again, as far as I can tell, sometimes it does not happen. I cannot say exactly when.

And especially for you, splintax, since u like movies ... I made a special clip showing how a !ut file IS being opened from uT by the avipreview utility I associated with it - a nice undocumented feature... don't you think ? As I said all other files (in this example - avi, rar etc. - are not being opened from uT (see the second clip). Locally - they are being opened OK .

I guessed that the problem has to do with the !ut extension, but it can be something else, like some error files' association "confusing" uT ...

BTW - another small glitch in uT - the selected file in the files' tab - is NOT being shown as selected (highlighted/grayed) when uT Window is not focused, and another program is being opened by it...

Clips are here:


censor the content please.


Content censored...


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