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Torrents have disappeared from context area, still u/l'ing and d/l'ing


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This might also be a bug since this is the second time it's happened to me.

Last time I cured this problem by deleting the utorrent folders in the Documents and Settings\Application Data\utorrent location, but I'd rather not do this again because I don't want to reconfigure utorrent from scratch.

The bug happened when using dual screen, I had utorrent displaying on the 2nd screen. I chose to disable the secondary monitor, which makes all the windows from the secondary monitor jump back onto the primary. Utorrent seemed to break as a result.

utorrent is still happily starting, downloading and completing torrents, but I have very little control as a result of this problem. Rebooting doesn't solve the problem.

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Firon the tittle says µTorrent 1.4.1 beta... that ain't build 431

Tundraswan don't submit bugs for older versions.. try 431 and it it doesn't fix the problem then u should post

utorrent tells me it IS the latest version, I'm supposed to assume it's lying?


The bug doesn't go away in the new beta.

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Thanks guys! I went to the furthest left side of the column bar with the mouse and got a width adjuster, then I pulled all of the columns that were hiding away :)

I'll remember the Ctrl + for next time, I read the first sentence of your post and jumped onto utorrent and did it manually ;)

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