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RSS Feeds and Scheduler - a match made in heaven?


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First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you!

From a dyed in the wool Azureus user, to stumble across utorrent was an amazing discovery. No more loading the Java Runtime Environment just to download torrents - Cool.

To then find out that TVTAD could also get the boot almost sent me into spasms.

Now, I'm wondering if the utorrent experience can be tweaked in one small way.

My ISP allocates half my download allowance to a offpeak time period, so I enable Scheduler to pause all torrents (including DHT - nice touch btw) until that time period.

In parallel, I also use the RSS feed to automatically add torrent files for my favourite TV shows.

Now, I am prepared to use my peak allowance for new torrents via the RSS feed, so that my favourite TV shows are ready as soon as possible (ie. when I come home from work).

So far I have not found a way that this can be done. It seems to be a choice between using Scheduler and having to manually start newly added torrents, or having all torrents downloading all the time.

Is it possible to have torrents added via the RSS feed to circumvent the Scheduler settings in any way?

Thanks in advance,


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This probably won't work (I can't test it right now), but perhaps "Give download highest priority" (under Favourites) would do the trick? It probably just gives it higher bandwidth priority, but there's a chance that it would force the download too.

If not, I support this feature. :)

PS: Azureus doesn't require TVTAD to use RSS.. :P

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