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Organize "Remove" in popup menu, plus list keyboard shortcuts.


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Right now, there's a "Remove" option in the right click menu, and then immediately below that a "Remove And" submenu. That submenu has three options. "Delete .torrent", "Delete .torrent + Data", and "Delete Data". That effectively gives me 4 ways to delete something.

1. Which option gets used when I simply hit the delete key on my keyboard?

2. Is "Remove" the same as "Delete .torrent" ? (if so, can it be consolidated to a single command?)

3. Can the keyboard shortcut be listed on the menu itself?

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1. Remove

2. No. µTorrent keeps a copy of the .torrent file you download from the torrent website or some other place in it's settings folder, the "Delete .torrent" will remove that copy as well as remove the torrent from the list.

3. Can't answer this one, it isn't standard for Windows programs to do that though. Listing the key is in the main program menus, but never context menus.

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