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FRITZ!Box crashes when I use µTorrent


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It's dead simple, I use µTorrent (Generating any up/down traffic) and my 'FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 Annex A' tells me theirs no DSL connection, and resets himself.

And yes, this is a µT problem because it doesn't crash when µT isn't on.

My provider already did run tests on their connections and they have came by and checked all my home connections. It seems to have something to do with the uTP protocol.

I would love to hear something!

Greetings, Jeroen

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Build 20367, Fritzbox is connected since 05/07/2010 at 01:35 (With uTP still on, but connection rate is limited)

I have to say, This is alot better then the old every 'half hour reconnects'

EDIT: I just did a manual reconnect and I'm going to see how long this one is going to last. :)

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I'm checking for new beta versions as soon as I start the program. (Now more then before because I now only start µT if I really need to)

So my latest versions where all the public betas, and I even tried out the falcon alpha for a week (and uninstalled again)

bt.connect_speed = 7

net.max_halfopen = 8

I'm lowering the halfopen to 5 now. because my previous attempts failed.

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Ok, have set these. Is it ok if I leave UPnP on, because randomport+UPnP is working fine?

EDIT: I've also disabled PEX. Just for the sake of it.

EDIT: Didn't work. still 5 reconnects (irc rejoins)

Here is the download graph, with internet dieing 2 times. (Clickable)


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I had some conversations with AVM support and my ISP's (XS4all) hotline, they all confirm that the FritzBox (7170 in my case) cannot handle too many connections. (home router, remember?)

From my personal tests I found out that a "maximum global connections" higher than 400 crashes the box so with your setting of "400" you are at the limit (my FritzBox also got quite hot when I had so many connections enabled)

In the end I had to reboot it once a day, wife complained about phone (VoIP) not working well, internet browsing not working for other people anymore (even with upload speed limited...)

You should try with the following:

Global maximum connections: 260

Connections per torrent: 156

Maximum upload speed: 70kB

Max slots per torrent: 7

Max. simultaneous downloads/torrents: 2

(seriously, remove 256 as the max. number of active torrents, this is silly - you won't get decent speeds at all with this lousy router.)

If you really want something good get a Cisco 877 or 887 or something similar that handle a little more connections



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First off: thanks for taking time to look into this problem! :)

I've already herd something from my ISP, xs4all, that they still see our connection choking sometimes, they already taken actions with KPN. They told they send a technical dude or something.

About the fact it's a home router; the SpeedTouch we had before ran µTorrent easily.

Because I recently ran the speed guide again my settings already where on

Global maximum connections; 130

Maximum peers per torrent; 60

Upload slots; 3

And it still fails to handle it.

About the 256 active torrents: I hate when uT creates queues, I disable/enable torrents myself.

EDIT: Post poof-gone?

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