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uTorrent Protocol Encryption little question :-)


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hello guys, i dont know if this is the right place to ask about it but

i need to ask a simple question i wasnt able to find the reply about it.

utorrent supports in the Beta the new Protocol Encryption,

i wanted to know ..if i disable PEER EXCHANGE and DHT

will the Protocol Encryption still works?

that's all, Thanks. :)

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You'll get better results with at least one of them on (preferrably PEX, if you had to choose), because it might help you get more encrypted connections. You tell other clients to turn on PE when connecting to you through PEX and DHT, that way you receive more incoming encrypted connections.

But yes, it will work just fine. It's not dependent on either of them.

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Thank you very much, that's what i wanted to know :)

i tested without Peer and DHT with encryption enabled and found speed to be in the 32k

so i stopped the torrent, enabled Peer Exchange only (with encryption), quit

utorrent, reopen it and started downloading, about 1 hour and it's in the 45k

which is the max download i should get because i upload at 10k

so indeed Peer Exchange helps. my connection is 512k/128k ADSL.

if you allow me to say so, i want to say a huge thanks to uTorrent developers

because i've used uTorrent since the beginning and it's the best piece of

software i've ever used EVER.

also thanks for the quick reply guys, really. :)

i'll make sure if i need anything else to ask.

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