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How can I close uTorrent, move the completed file and then seed again?


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This may be a dumb question, or impossible, but I am wondering:

can I download something in uTorrent, and then once it's complete I like to move it to its final place (organized into my subfolders, etc) and then I would like to re-open uTorrent and continue seeding the file. I can't figure out any way to do this. Once I move the file, as soon as uTorrent is reopened, it starts downloading the file again from the beginning to my default download folder (desktop).

Is this possible to do? :/

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I'm a newbie and I was wondering about the same question. I want to download and then move to another location but of course want others to be able to download from me. But somehow with the above mentioned method it didn't work.

Assuming that the "right click" is supposed to be made in utorrent on the specific link/file/torrent (since I tried it in explorer without a fit option as well), the right click offers me only remove and delete torrent, remove and delete torrent + data or remove and delete data. Since I removed it (and renamed it. Am I allowed to do that?) it then got a red X.

And then there is the just "remove"-option which I used and now it's completly gone. I didn't get asked for a new location. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Scottee

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What's wrong with using the built-in functionality to do just this?

Under Options, Preferences, Folder Options you can choose one folder for incoming stuff (ie while you are leeching) and then another folder to which it should be moved once you switch to seeding.

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding the question - or else you need to move the files to different places for each seeding torrent before you're done seeding them for some reason, of course (though I would think it would be enough to move them to their "final" storage area when you're done seeding them.)

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I wonder the same (sort of...).

I use the built in function "Move completed downloads to:" and "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:".

The other day I had to close µtorrent to reboot my cpu. After starting up µtorrent again, I saw that only the torrents I was leeching where in que and not the two torrents I was seedning.

I tried to open up the .torrents again, both from the original folder (the one I save downloaded .torrent files to) and from the folder µtorrent copies .torrent files after download is complete. (µtorrent doesn't seem to move .torrent files, just copies them).

Neither one worked. µtorrent was starting to download again. I even tried to stop the torrent and do a "Force re-check" but it didn't work.

I guess that the "Set download location" feature would have worked but I think µtorrent should somehow keep in track where it moves to downloaded files if it is a built in function..?

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@lorco2000 : I don't know about luckman212 but I'm used to another filesharing system where you have to open certain folders on your pc to other people and they select what they want, so you try to limit that to one. I learned the bittorrent-system is completely different (newbie, sorry)

but as for big movies I don't want to keep them forever on my drive and as for small mp3 I like to have them organized alphabetically, so I have to move them to a final destination, but I don't want to have to change the build-in function every time and of course it won't work if you download more than one file at a time. If download from Internetradio the whole night I end up with 200 songs which belong in 20 different folders for instance. And I want to rename them because sometimes the artist is missing in the filename if you download a whole album. Maybe I'm a perfectionist freak (typical female??), but I just like everything to be in order AND meet my obligations as well.

I haven't even been in my bittorrent created folders yet. I'm wondering enough about the newly created folders and files in my destination folder which I don't dare to remove yet.

But my question isn't answered yet. What am I doing wrong if I don't use the automatic option but want to do it like Firon recommended?

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you stop the seeding of the torrent. so you can play around with it in Windows explorer

you move the file whereever you want to have it at least

you can change also the naming of the file to your needs, but you might not(!) change the content of the file e.g. change an id3 tag or so as this will corrupt the calculatet hash ;-) of the file.

Then you start the seeding in µtorrent again and you will get the red x because it thinks it is gone.

Then Rightclick and choose "set download location"

Point to the place and filemane you moved it and everything will be fine. Because now µtorrent knows where you have moved the file


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