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2 Problems: Advice please


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Build 1.4.402

I have two problems that continue to reoccur.

1. I have a dozen or so torrents that I am seeding. If I close the application (File, Exit) say to reboot or something, only 4 of the torrents reload (and it is consistently the same 4 that reload successfully). I have to manually go back and add the other eight (then they do a hash check too). It is like utorrent does not remember that they were there.

The Auto Load Torrents in directory is checked and associated to the directory where these torrents are all at.

2. Again, when I close the application, it "forgets" all my ratios for each individual torrent s and starts them over at 0.000 Ratio and 1.000 Avail. Whereas prior to the shutdown/reboot, that torrent was like 4.5/1.98. Even the upload byte totals zero out. So are these number for the current session only and are they suppose to do that? I only question it because a friend told me his does not do that.


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Seems that your resume.dat is either corrupted or it's pointing to the old file which might explain why it only loads the 4 torrents.

Have you tried moving all the files in %AppData%\uTorrent to where utorrent.exe is? And always try the latest beta builds, the current is b432 so grab it first.

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