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upload seems to be throttled. max uploads at 5k/s for 10 seconds


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Hey I am in Israel using "Orange" for my internet provider. They have their own router believe it or not, produced locally called "gigaset 604". It has a lot of features built in, supports upnp, voip built in, etc etc...

Problem is on a private tracker unless I myself create a torrent and am the only seeder, it seems I am never getting any uploads!

Its horrible! I leave my client opens for days at a time, I see 40 seeds and 40 peers, and I barely get any action at all!

I just installed version 2.03 beta to see any difference

Followed the setup guide, tweaked some settings (internet here is 13mbit/1mbit) - unchecked managed bandwidth

When I download, its easy for me to get 1.2mb/s btw... No problem downloading.

Windows 7 x64

I dont understand why its impossible for me upload please help me squash this...

Also enabled encryption .. tried changing ports as well and restaring utorrent

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Many times, the reported "peers" are already seeds by the time you try them.

...Or they at least have already reached their max connections -- either globally or per-torrent.

If you never get the green light (unfirewalled icon) in uTorrent, things are even worse -- even peers that might be able to connect to you won't.

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