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utorrent not DOWNLOADING anything.


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For the past 3-4 weeks utorrent stopped downloading (there is a catch) on my Uni computers. I was able to download files from my uni very fast and suddenly it stopped working. When i upload a file the peer blinks (1) then goes to 0 everything is then at 0. I checked throughout the forum and found some people with the same problem but no solution. I tried the current version: uTorrent 2.0.3 Beta 20558 still no success, any help would be much appreciated.


uTorrent is such a great program and would like to keep using it.

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DreadWingKnight i accidentally clicked report!!! instead of post reply my bad. My apologies

anyway i doubt they found out, i have been download large amount of files(20Gbs) in the past 2 months and suddenly they realize this problem??? My other thought was they updated firewall and i can't access it without an admin. I clicked 'Add exception to firewall' still no luck. But other people also having the same problem.

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