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Need help on utorrent with Fiber. Cutting speed to 1/3


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I've been using utorrent for years however since I upgraded to a 100mbit Fiber connection, I can't seem to get my full speed.

When my Mitsubishi modem is connected to my Belkin n+ router:

Speedtest : 98mbps download, 80mbps upload

Torrent download : around 3.5MB/s or roughly 28mbps

When Mitsubishi modem is connected directly to PC:

Speedtest : same as above

Torrent download : average up to 9MB/s or 81mbps

It seems that it's a hardware problem but when I use vuze, I can get the full bandwidth. I would really like to use utorrent but the trade off is the decrease in speed.

What settings should I change in order to get utorrent to work? If the router and vuze works, I'm sure utorrent can also.

Some info on my configuration:

Windows 7 ultimate

Intel i5-750

On board Gigabit network card

Mitsubishi modem on Fiber connection

CAT 5e cables

Belkin N+ gigabit router

Firewall disabled

Ports (TCP, UDP) for utorrent client opened and tested

IPv6 installed on windows but grayed out on utorrent

Unlimited download speed set

Universal Tcpip Patch to windows 7 set to 100

bt.tcprate - disabled

bt transport dispositio - 255

net bind ip - my local ip address (not isp ip)

net max half open - 50

net utp dynamic size - false

net utp initial size - 8

Global max connection 200

I really want to use utorrent again.

Can anyone help with the settings?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks Switeck. I've updated to the latest firmware of belkin however they don't mention any changes or revisions on their site which bothers me.

I also read the slow speed section on your link as well as rafi's utorrent migration but still no change. I've been searching and finally decided to post here as a last resort.

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Universal Tcpip Patch to windows 7 set to 100 = PROBABALY MALWARE!

bt transport dispositio - 255 <- probably shouldn't be needed or used in v2.x an v3.x

net max half open - 50 <- test with much lower.

IPv6 installed on windows but grayed out on utorrent <- means it's already enabled.

Try disabling Bandwidth Management (uTP!) in Preferences, BitTorrent and see if the speeds are higher.

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Should I set the tcpip of windows back to 10. Will that make any difference? I got the patch from this site --> http://deepxw.blogspot.com/search/label/Universal%20Tcpip.sys%20Patch

I'll try to change the bt transport disposition and net max half open.

I hope disabling bandwidth management will help. I have it enabled now and when I tried using the speed guide from utorrent, it gives me an upload speed of only 2mbps

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In your link it says:

Notice: The newest Windows Vista/2008 SP2, Windows 7 is unlimited in default, please read this article:

Say Bye To Half-open TCP Connections Limit In Vista/2008 SP2

Speed tests can be notoriously fickle if you've got ANY internet activity going while they run.

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