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I want to increase my upload rate


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Hi all,

well i knw this is an uncommon request.. however... it only seems right that such issues should be addressed a bit. I have configured utorrents according to my cable connection.... did some speed testing and according to the speed tutorial provided in the forum... went ahead and have fixed my settings...

I'll fill in on the specs of my network later. However, im facing this dilemma... in certain torrents especially where thea availabillity is less than 5, and I have completed my download, I am unable to upload at a considerable rate despite having bandwidth for it. This is really quite unfortunate because there are lots of ppl who are trying to connect to my machine yet are unable and the upload is trickling at snails pace from my machine.... for torrents in which there are quite a few peers and seeders things proceed really smooth and i can give upto 40kBps ....

My torrent specs are - ( I have a cable internet connection .. comcast... dlink DI624 wireless router... thts supposed to give me 54mbps)

Global Max upload rate - 35kBps ******* upload rates and download rates i fixed after visiting www.speakeasy.net/speedtest

Upload rate when not downloading - 42kBps

Global Max Download rate - 498KBps

Global max number of connections 350

# of connected peers per torrent - 42

upload slots per torrent - 6

max # of active torrents at a time - 9... though.. i dnt download more than 2-3 at a time... and do spend exclusive time uploading torrents as well...

Oh... and i dnt have any firewall.. antivirus... in not even on windows xp sp2 patch... still have sp1!! :D... so .. no issues of tcpip.sys patch...

Would be of help... for instance... right now im trying to upload a torrent that has 2 seeds and 8 peers of which im connected to 2.... and its the only torrent running .... and im only managing to provide speeds between 0-2.5kBps... which is dismal!!!!!!!!

Can someone help out ... because i think a big bane with most torrents is that ppl arent utilizing their upload stream well enough....


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