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Filesize limit error running NTFS


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So you're saying that your main drive is not NTFS?

Also I did some research and apparently a problem can arise with filesize limits on ntfs is there are multiple HD with not all of them being NTFS, if one of them is FAT32 is may trigger a system wide limit for some strange reason. If you have a FAT32 drive and can unplug it temporarily and still access windows try and do so.

Another possibility I found here, http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/21058-45-ntfs-problem-files

"Also, to refresh some people's memories. The original NTFS format from the

original NT OS had a limit of 4 GB per file size. This was changed with

updates to NT via SPs but the drive had to be reformatted with the updated

OS. If a person takes a NTFS formatted drive from an original NT machine

and plugs it into a 2000 or XP box the 4 GB size limit MAY remain. Ran into

this problem on an NT Server system at work many years ago. "

So basically its possible that whatever company you got your hard drive from could have been formatting their drives with a very early version of NTFS. If so that would be rather unfortunate, however not un-fixable. I'm not sure if a later version of windows (vista/7) would recognize the old version as being seperate, especially since they use two seperate versions as it is (NTFS, and NTFS5) But try to use it in a newer computer and look if it gives an option to upgrade (earlier FS usually had the option). If not then you may have to find a way to back up all the stuff on that drive and reformat from either windows xp or newer (make sure its not ntfs5 if you plan on using it from xp) and then it should work for you. Hopefully thats not too much work.

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Thank you for the information! What I'm saying is that the C drive AND the drive I'm trying to use the file on are both NTFS. I do have other HDs that are not, so I'll try unplugging them and see if that works. Also, the computer had XP on it when I bought it, so the nt problem shouldn't apply, right?

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But your second harddrive might have originally been formated on a computer that was, so it could actually be running that old version of ntfs, a re-format would be the only way to find out for sure.

Only do that if the removal of the fat32 drives does not help. (you could always just update those drives to ntfs instead of removing them)

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