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all trackers are offline/timed out


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All my trackers read offline (timed out), HTTP error 503 or HTTP error 404. I've got my firewall and router set up, i've been using the set up for a while now.

Things only stopped working a couple days ago, tried using another client (Bittorrent) and got the same problems.

These are trackers from private and public sites

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thanks for the reply

I can still browse to the tracker pages (download site) if that's what you meant

but when i put the tracker URL into the address bar i got

"d14:failure reason45:Invalid: Passkey, Info Hash, Peer ID or PORT!e"

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try a test torrent, a linux distro or openoffice.org for instance. and see if the tracker on those connects, if not its possible that your isp has found a way to restrict tracker traffic. although from the response that the browser got it would lead me to question whether or not utorrent is properly connected. Mainly due to the fact that the browser was able to reach the tracker without timeouts or 404 errors.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday. All trackers on 17 torrents read offline ( timed out ) except for the occasional 'no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it' which is not unusual but all the torrents are still downloading.

As per paintball9's suggestion I tried browsing to the trackers pages and some I could get and some I couldn't. Of those I could not reach I got various error messages ie Internet Explorer Cannot Display .. etc or http://search.dnsadvange.com page telling me the page I require does not exist therefore we can infer that my ISP is blameless.

I live in a remote area and my ISP can best be described as primitive. They cannot keep their DNS working properly, despite my considerable advice to them on the subject, never mind get into the sophisticated kind of packet filtering that would be necessary to block trackers and nothing else.

That leaves me with paintball9's suggestion that utorrent may not be properly connected but...

The connection icon in my status bar is green

Anyone got any ideas how to follow this up?

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