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So, how do I re-seed torrents?


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I've made the torrents and saved them in a folder.

When I open them they start to download.

I want them to seed.

I googled, and was suggested "Add torrent (no default save)", but that option doesn't seem to be available in the Mac version, or am I missing something?

Please help!

/ Frank

UPDATE: Nevermind, I worked it out. I copied all the files into the downloads folder and did a re-check. It seems so obvious now...

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hey there,

same problem here as above.

i accidentally removed a torrent from my list. when i added it back it appears as a download not a seed? all files are in the same spot they were prior. i can still locate it within Waffles with the 'browse' function. 16 others are seeding just fine.


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