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UTorrent slows down to 0 in mins, and causes Internet browsing 2 stop!


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Dear readers,

My utorrent was working all fine till about four days ago. Presently, if I have Google Chrome running.If I choose to start utorrent, utorrent starts downloading and then in 5- 8 secs slows down to 0 KB/s. Simultaneously, I cannot browse with Google Chrome which says "error 105# server not found". Chrome browsing functionality is restored on being restarted after utorrent is switched off!!!

As you can guess, I am not a computer expert, and this has me stumped.I am using utorrent 2.03, Windows Vista HP 32 bit and Chrome....I did come across some topics where this was mentioned, and some faulty nvidia drivers were mentioned....

Can anyone tell me what is going on, and how I can get things back to normal?

Waiting eagerly for your reply......


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I am glad I am not alone in this.

I have exactly the same problem. For me it started, well today, I moved to a new home and went from a condo wifi connection to an house with adsl connection.

My location is Thailand, but Dutch windows. Nothing changed on my computer, except my internet connection which works great when uTorrent is not opened (so no downloading or uploading).

My browsers are Firefox and Explorer (Yes I no but sometimes must use E)

I hope someone can give some idea's about this, but please in PLAIN english not to much technical stuff and words.

Thanks, Ron

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Given the great unease of use involving a Japanese OS, I have tried to remove everything NVidia... Removing was successful, I removed the Nvidia graphics driver too, causing VGA display, which asked to be installed automatically the following startup...but, probably the annoying "nvidia forceware network access manager " came back as utorrent remained just the same, not working and blocking Goggle Chrome browsing.Some more drastic troubleshooting required here, i guess? waiting for any reply, thanks for your time...

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