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I think I understand why I liked Azureus/Vuze more for some things:

In Vuze (always switch to classic view and turn off all the new crap), I have the following set:

Downloading folder:

X:\TorrentZ\Unfinished.Seeding (possible with µTorrent)

FinishedDownloading folder:

X:\TorrentZ\Finished.Seeding (possible with µTorrent)

Saved-Removed Folder:

X:\TorrentZ\Completed&Removed (not currently possible with µTorrent)

Torrents Folder:

X:\TorrentZ\dotTorrent (possible with µTorrent)

Its not AS complicated as some have setup, but for µTorrent that one option remains elusive... and is kind of a pain

Adding to this, I use my laptop to download on the go alot, and with Vuze when I get home I can right click on one or many torrents and click on the option to "Move Data", which I move to the above folder for continual seeding, and then the "Move .Torrent" to the dotTorrent folder, unless im blind, in the latest 2.0.3 µTorrent this is STILL impossible... (this is the kicker as im out frequently and sometimes for long periods of time)

Its not 100% necessary, but it is a huge annoyance that keeps Vuze installed for me (µTorrent for torrenting, Vuze for "Completed&Removed" and "Move Data"/"Move .Torrent"... do not like having to keep another client around... especially the beast Vuze has become...

to add to this, when I disconnect my drive to go mobile and have the locations set, instead of prompting me to select a new location because the current ones can be found, it just error's out and does not offer a solution to me... this is mainly for the .torrent files, I removed my external, added a new download with the download window, selected a valid location for the files to be downloaded to, then hit ok, then it tells me the .torrent location is invalid and cannot continue (not that wording but same thing) instead of saying that the location for .torrents is invalid and asking or letting me even select an alternative location for the .torrent file (was solved by going into options and unchecking the .torrent save location, but this just adds to itself and the request above since its not currently possible to move data/torrent files from within the client...

its alot, and poorly written if you want/need clarity on parts please let me know and i will individualize

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I will probably make another post mirroring this one, but when I STOP a torrent so i can remove the drive, when i restart µTorrent it gives me the file not found status message, and when i reconnect the drive then try to start those torrents it wants to recheck them again (all 100+GB) which takes forever...

thats more of a BUG then a request... unless its the request for it to have the same behavior as Vuze does which doesnt cause this annoying issue

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