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All Torrents Suddenly Gone?


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Ok here is what happened.

I tried to open a (!) torrent. It had already been downloaded so I did not see a problem in doing that?

I tried to use what was in it and then my entire computer crashed I guess. I could still move my mouse but my Firefox crashed my Windows Media Player crashed and the torrent folder showed that it had loaded to 100%. I could not access my task manager so I manually re-started the computer. When I came back (since I restarted) all of my torrents were gone. Every single one.

I tried to find some in my downloads (where my torrents go) but apart from a few they were gone. I don't know if those torrents work anyways.

So my questions are

1. How did this happen?

Could this be because I opened a (!) torrent? Could it be because I tried to download a torrent that had a virus? (because before this happened I had started downloading some other stuff) How do I prevent this from happening again?

2. Can I get the torrents back or do I have to re-download them all?

Also if this is relevant I use Windows 7 and I use UTorrent 2.0.2

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I just had this happen also...but I want to know is there an easy way to put back everything into U torrent...I mean all the files are still in my downloaded folder and all the utorrent tags are still in the folder for utorrent....anyway to have utorrent see them all again?.....also my buddy had this happen about a week ago....if anyone has any info thanks

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