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Bizzare (seemingly random) connection dropouts


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Hi there, I have scoured the net for a solution but have found no specific to this time that have helped.

Currently on a TPG 1.5mbit plan

Windows XP x64 - using internal firewall (correct ports and software excepted)

On board Network Card

DSL 302G with Ethernet


Network OK

Port foward check: OK

Global MAX Upload: 97 kB/s

Global MAX Connections 45

MAX connections per torrent: 100

Upload slots per torrent: 6

Use additional slots if required: false

MAX active torrents: 3

MAX active downloads: 2

Enable DHT: true

Peer Exchange: true

so ... now the problem...

the torrents begin to download, they do so at what seem like reasonable rates (20-40kB/s), then after a short amount of time (while I continue to surf) my internet connection seems to dropout or atleast lag, MSN drops, email can't be checked, and uTorrent rates drop to 0.0kB/s. What's even weirder is that again after a short amount of time the connection returns and I am able to function normally ... for a short amount of time, and so on until I get completely fed up and go and have a coffee.

Any clues? REALLY want to solve this one. I'm beginning to think it might be my modem/router, but I'm not even really sure how all this stuff works.

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I have this problem too...If I enable DHT for a torrent then my router crashes within a few seconds...

If I disable it is all working fine.

I presume it is because the DHT opens a lot of new connections which the router can't take.

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