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....i'm fairly new to bittorrent so pardon the fact that this is a pretty simple question. i understand the concept of seeding and why it's so critical to the bittorrent community. consequently, i try to seed regularly and at this point, i think i've uploaded more bytes than i've downloaded. one thing i do for virtually all the stuff i download is select certain files and only download those. in fact, i've only downloaded one song each from probably 40% of the torrents i have (BTW, i use bittorrent exclusively for music files). i just don't want all the other songs so i just download the one song i want. sometimes i download a few songs from a torrent, but rarely do i download all the files from a torrent. so here's my question - am i then considered a leecher because i don't have the whole torrent file, even though i upload more bytes than i download? i read some definitions today that would lead me to believe such. any info is appreciated. thanks.

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