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New feature: Migrating your account to a new computer


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The build that just went on to auto-update (20680) includes a new "security question" feature, which can be used to migrate your µTorrent Web username to a new computer. Previously, µTorrent Web usernames were locked to a single computer, and if you lost control of the username-- say because you switched computers, or reinstalled Windows-- the only way to get your username back was to email us and have us reset the account by hand. With the new feature usernames can still only be used to control one computer at a time, but you can move the username between computers yourself if you correctly enter the answer to your previously set security question.

To set a security question for your username, just upgrade to the new beta; the security question setup dialog should appear the first time the client starts and successfully connects to µTorrent Web. You can also set a security question by opening the client, connecting to µTorrent Web, and clicking the "set security settings" button in the "Web" preferences dialog .

You cannot use the security question & answer to remote control your computer, or recover your login password; it can only be used to transfer your username to a new computer.

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But what about users that used an older version of Falcon and have not set a security question? I upgraded from WHS v1 to WHS v2 "Vail" but cannot access my falcon client remotely anymore. I also wrote already two emails to give me the chance to link it to the new Server but had no response.

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