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uT starting a second process; can't be killed


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Whenever I start µTorrent, there is a second utorrent.exe process appearing in task manager. It stays there after closing uT.


When I try to kill it - whether uT is running or not - I get an "access denied" message. My Windows user account has admin rights. Starting task manager with admin rights doesn't help either. The ghost stays there until I shut down my PC.

I've had this problem for the last three versions. Always running the latest.

This gets incredibly annoying when I have to move files our of my incoming folder (I have uT set up to do it automatically, but sometimes it "forgets" [yes, uT is running with admin rights aswell]), because I get the "file in use" message and can't move them. Lockhunter and other "unlockers" don't help.

Just two weeks ago I had to reinstall Windows because of a crashed HDD. Most of the time problems like this one here get fixed along with a completely fresh install of Windows, but it didn't.


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