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uTorrent messed up LAN connection?


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Ok, so yesturday I exited uTorrent running in win7 without stopping any of the running torrents then rebooted pretty quick after that to get into ubuntu. Now my LAN connection is all fubar.

In ubuntu is just lists "no connections available" and in win7 the connection keeps cycling between "enabled" and "cable unplugged". It is a wired connection.

Some research has led me to believe that it might be a bad LAN port on my motherboard, but since it happend so close to an action with utorrent I figured I'd ask here.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a normal PCI slot 10baseT card that works with both 'nix and win7, do tell :-D I am NOT gonna replace a whole motherboard for just a LAN port >_<

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