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Upload overhead is not being limited ?


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bandwidth-> limit protocol overhead - checked

bandwidth-> limit uTP - checked

Upload limit - set

When setting an upload limit, and running downloading task - the upload overhead (related to the download) IS being limited.

But when I only seed- it looks like the seeding overhead is not obeying the set limit.


More details - were sent to the devs.

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I'm not sure I'm following you . I have stopped ALL downloading tasks when this happens.

I have 10 upload slots per torrent, and additional slots <90% is NOT checked.

Did you try it and it behaved differently ?

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It's simple to reproduce:

- set a lower upload limit

- enable "limit overhead"

- seed

and that's it... :P

Since I had 31 (uTP+TCP enabled ) you might need to set 26 or 21 to see it with single peer (running uTorrent...)

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