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Download starts very slow and increase slowly after several minutes


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I'm just using utorrent 2.0.3. I have a 100Mbit connection and I use the recommended 100Mbit settings provided in the client.

When I start a download I can see all the other clients, my connectivity is ok (green) but the download seems to be limited for some reasons (I'm downloading at the same speed and very slowly on all clients)

Here is a screenshot:


Then after 5-10min some clients seems to be "unblocked" and I download on full speed on them (their max upload speed). And with the time more and more connections are "unblocked"

Here is how the download speed looks like 30min after the download started:


I don't have any other P2P client open or downloads running in parallel.

I have tried to download Ubuntu on their tracker: same issue.

However when I post a torrent it seeds it at full speed directly.

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That is just the way torrents work, they take a while to get the proper connections going but once they are all established the protocol fourishes. Torrents start slow and end fast generally.

As far as your speed settings go, do you actually have a synchronous 100mb connection. (up and down) because the speed guide is based on the upload side of an internet connection and rarely are the two the same. (isp's tend to sell their internet based on download and cut the upload down because a lot of people don't use it all, That way it makes their plans look that much better)

If you do a speed test and redo your connection guide I'm guessing you will find that your upload was too fast and was restricting the download side slightly on start up. It will probably get up to speed faster once you correct that.

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