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uTorrent freezes when restart


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I think this is a feature-less can become a bug.

When uTorrent ends unexpectedly, because it freezes and i stop process, when i restart client it freezes again. I don't know why it freeze first time, but second time is that i report.

uTorrent freezes when restart because at this moment it starts rechecking process of current torrents after unexpected ending before, and at same time comes massive request of peers about those torrents.

The only way i can over this was disconnect physically PC from internet and restart uTorrent. Only by this way uTorrent can finish checking tasks and be ready to work again.

The feature would be stops all torrents at start, and any time, if uTorrent performs checking task of any torrent. At start, really must be not start torrents if have any check-task pending.

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