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Utorrent error in torrent status collum: logon failure: unknown userna


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Last week uTorrent was working fine for me when torrenting free stuff like mars explorer and silent films but all of the sudden I have started to get this error in the status collum of most of my torrents.

It started out as a few of my new torrents being downloaded to my external drive were getting the error, then old torrents on the drive getting it, now some of the torrents being downloaded to my computer are getting this error!

I Google'd this error and one of the utorrent topics said that its a tracker problem, checked, I am using multiple trackers (not the problem) and they are all working normally.

I tried reclaiming ownership of the drive, I already had ownership but for kicks I did it again and there is still no change. I upgraded uTorrent no change, running as admin, tried compatability mode (just made it worse), changed download location, force start, force recheck, remove/re-added torrents, and I am still having the problem.

Does anyone know what to do?

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