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utorrent (20277) bug looks like cheating?


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I was recently banned at a member site for cheating. Now I personally know I'm not a cheater, and all I do is use the utorrent client for mac. The question in this thread is not if I cheated or not, it's enough that I say I'm not a cheater.

So I asked some mod about it and he told me:

"some impossible stats were sent in with your passkey."

I asked him about it and he said the following:

"bit by bit transferstats matches on dl and ul. multiple time on same torrent.


no real client is accurate enough in real world situation to upload and download exactly as much on every single announce.

(due to how networks and the protocol actually works)"

So my question is, is it possible there's a bug that does anything so that it might look like this? Or anything else that could help me understand?

Or you think it could be the tracker doing something weird?

Thanks a lot.

edit: all I know of the torrent that was saying this, is that I chose "dont download" on certain files, and later on set them to download (at normal)

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