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Another Utorrent User on network is stealing my Bandwith


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Hey all,

I work in a Office. and we have Uncapped Internet. which i pay for out of my own pocket. but every now and then I get NO Bandwidth. and today i saw him again downloading like a maniac on Utorrent. So how do i stop him from Downloading with UTorrent?

Im getting like 2k download and when he leaves it shoots up to 80k :(

Please assist.

I cant cut him off the internet completely cos he needs to work... just need to disable his utorrent. i do have access to his pc but if i delete Utorrent off his machine he will just reload it and add a password to his machine.

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How do i do that? he is on windows 7. and he connect to the Wireless on our router?

If i adjust his setting in Utorrent he will surely figure it out and just change it back then password protect his PC and my window of opportunity will be lost...

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