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Why does utorrent take all of my bandwidth


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Sorry if this is a newbie question but here goes:

When I am at home and I start a bunch of downloads (actually, it doesnt matter how many I start, the same problem arises) after awhile, my internet connection will get progressively slower to the point where I cant even load videos anymore, yet utorrent will continue to charge ahead, downloading at good speeds. I need to shut utorrent,m unplug then replug my router in order for my connection to act normal again. Additionally, my wireless will crap out when this is happening. Its as if all of my resources are being focused on utorrent.

Even today at work, I was getting amazing speeds (I live in China so the internet sucks here but with a vpn, the speeds are better). After 20 minutes of downloading at work, my surfing started to slow. Then my msn messenger and gtalk disconnected. Again, utorrent was taking over all my bandwidth.

How do I control this? Thanks a lot.

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The wireless crapping out is the key...it's probably already being overloaded and degrading just by uTorrent's regular activities. Many/most cheaper consumer routers are prone to this.

Don't think the problem is caused simply by speed...it's almost certainly not! Otherwise LAN file transfers would kill the router almost every time -- being it's probably a magnitude or more faster than the internet connection.

1st and 2nd links in my signature can reduce uTorrent's settings to at least partially reduce the problem. (And DWK listed the 1st link already.)

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