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Tracker: Only one use of each socket address is normally permitted


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I was seeding 4 torrents on the same tracker for a website I am a member of, but when I added a fifth one, this was the message I got.

I managed to change this by changing number of active torrents to 6, but upon restarting utorrent, I get the same error on 5/6 torrents I am seeding.

By removing and adding them again I can get 3 to seed, but I just wonder if there are any advanced options I may need to change to allow more to seed at the same time


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Really? I only stopped the program from running for 15 minutes whilst the torrents continued.

So you're saying I should uninstall to see what happens,

I have also asked an admin on the site I'm seeding for, to see if they have heard of a similar issue before on thier tracker

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