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Mark Files as Read-only upon completion?


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Just a suggestion.......I love "sharing" and seeding, but too many times have I completed a movie, mp3, etc....to go and "play" the file after the file is complete, and WMP goes and adds "missing tags" (metadata) to the file, throwing off the "hash" and thus, no longer seeding the file.

I think it would be beneficial to set "read-only" to files upon completion.

Sure, some may say, well switch media players, turn off meta data downloading, etc.etc. but I think this would be a good addition to utorrent and other clients too even, so while the file is being seeded/downloaded, it can not be modified.

Really....I'm surprised "Windows" does not "lock" the file for being "in use" in another process as it does some files/directories.....

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