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What does the "clock" status icon in the name colum mean?


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In the list of torrents in my rss feeds, I have a bunch of items with what looks like a clock icon to the left of the torrent name. While these torrents have this icon, my favorites in the RSS Downloader will not match and start a download of these torrents. Eventually, based on something (I don't know what), this icon is replaced with the standard rss status icon and if I get a match for a favorite, it will start downloading. The torrents with this icon appear to only be very recent ones.

I'm trying to figure out what status this is. It doesn't appear in the list of icons in tstatus.bmp and doesn't appear to be affected by any of the skinz I've tried. I searched through the forums and didn't find anything or at least didn't find a match with what I was searching for...

Thanks for the help


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