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Error after migrating completed downloads


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Today I moved all my downloads to an external harddrive. I followed the instructions on migrating torrents. I first stopped all downloads (running ones and complete ones) and pointed out their new location one by one. Then tried to start them again, but the completed ones don't start anymore. In the list of completed downloads three are uploading, but the other 29 torrents have a message saying (translated from Dutch) "Error: cannot open torrent file C:\Documents and Settings\[Old path name]".

1) Did I do something wrong, or will these torrents start when they are called upon by another user?

2) It would be very convenient if it was easier to move torrents. Because they are often so big I had to 'clean up' regularly and throw torrents out that others might still want to download. If moving was easier then torrents would maybe stay available longer.

3) The pointing out one-by-one procedure was quite a hassle, especially because I had to start pointing from 'My documents' every time again. Maybe it could start by default in the directory that is appointed for downloads in the settings area.

4) I never really thought about the consequences of throwing away trackers and torrents. Only now I realised it's important to keep them available for others. Maybe a couple of lines/ instructions somewhere about not throwing away torrents would persuade a lot of people. My personal experience is that I often unzip or unrar a torrent and then throw away the .zip or .rar file to save space on my laptop. Also I sometimes have a quick check, don't like the torrent and throw it away. Or I would 'clean up' my list of trackers in uTorrent and throw away the trackers of completed torrents, making them inaccessible to others, while they are still on my computer.

In short: point 4) was just some user-information that might help to improve availability of torrents.

Hopefully someone can help me out on point 1).


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Next time you can follow the autoloading procedure http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/migrate

or use Bencode Editor (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306) to edit resume.dat and change the path.

About your error, check the .torrent files are stored in %appdata%\utorrent or in the folder you set in Preferences > Directories.

If that's not the case, move them into it and force a recheck.

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By .torrent files do you mean the small file with information about how the 'real' file is divided in bits (is that called the tracker?) Or do you mean the 'real files' themselves (for example music files)? I checked both and both are where they should be according to what I specified in my Preferences.

I also forced a recheck on a couple of torrents in the list, but nothing happens. No reaction, no sound, nothing.

By the way: the message saying: ""Error: cannot open torrent file C:\Documents and Settings\[Old path name]" is under 'Status'.

Added 30 mins later:

Okay, I found it. It was about the location of the .torrent files. I made a new folder for the completed ones and moved them in there. Now I moved them back to their old location and everything is working again. Thanks for your help Moogly.

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