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Privacy while transfering: a secured proxy that works with uTorrent?


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The recent spate of thousands of P2P prosecutions conducted by law firms using automated systems to probe ISP records convinced me to look into proxy situations.

The only purposely secured proxy I've discovered so far is BTguard.com, in Canada. However, the only way to use it with a Mac, since its client is a Windows application, is with Vuze, which can be configured to transfer via BTguard's secured servers.

I prefer to remain a uTorrent user, but I'm damn sure not going to expose myself to a prosecution that could cost me thousands of dollars. Is there any possibility that uTorrent will be able to access services like BTguard.com? Is an alternative available?

(I didn't put this in Features because it's an issue much larger than an additional feature.)

Thanks for your advice.

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