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Utorrent disabling web-browser? Sounds odd, I know


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uTorrent is disabling my web browser. The internet downstream upstream are working but when I load a web browser, it does not load. When I close the torrent program, the web browser will work (have tried chrome, firefox, and IE). What could be the issue? This is even true for another separate computer that is on the wifi network with no torrent program. If the torrent program on my computer is on, then it will disable any computer's web browser from loading pages on the network. I am using RCN Cable. This is despite the fact that the downstream and upstream are working. I have disabled Local Peer Discovery, DHT, etc., set uploads to zero and twenty etc, to no avail. Called ISP (RCN) and they said they do not disallow torrent usage or block it. They aren't really blocking it anyways.. somehow its conflicting with the web browser. I have tried multiple ports and they are open. Any help would be much appreciated!

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