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Sound problems


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Hi, I use version 2.0.2 build 19648. I can't use the later version just yet as some of my favourite torrent sites don't allow it yet.

It's Win 7 64bit, with a Soundblaster XFI Extreme Music.

Anyway I have noticed that this version and the one before it, are messing up the playback of sound and music on my PC. The sound and music in my games is stuttering, and when I play MP3's, the playback is stuttery and jumpy almost like a scratched CD. If I turn uTorrent off, it fixes the problem. If I turn uTorrent back, the problem appears again.

When I first upgraded to 2.0.2. from 2.0.1, the stutter problem had gone and I thought all was well. But now it has returned.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Would the new version definitely fix it? And is there anything I can do to make this version work?

p.s. Prior to 2.0.1 I was using WinXP so I didn't have this problem on that.

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