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Can't Browse While Running uTorrent


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I have a few problems with utorrent.

I am using the latest version with Win 7 x64 and Kaspersky 2010.

Now, while everything worked grand before now I am experiencing a couple of problems.

First, when I intall, utorrent freezes for a while, which never happened before. Then I can't seem to connect to the internet with any browser despite utorrent running and at incredible speeds too. I don't know why but the only things that changed are; installing Ipv6 teredo (Which I disabled - Should I uninstall instead?) and that I reinstalled the OS (But I don't think this is a problem). I also used saved setting from before the reinstall (Should I delete all and do a clean install of uTorrent?).

I hope someone could help me. I am on a company preset cable modem (Which I have no idea how to modify so the other solutions I saw somewhere didn't help.

I hope someone can help me.

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