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Schedular problem


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I have this same issue and thought I'd reply, as the behavior may be as designed but it just does not do as expected.

I have bittorrent disabled during the day, but sometimes will want a torrent and will force-start it in order to get it downloaded quickly. Once I have the torrent, I don't really go clear that "force-start" flag, I thought force-starting it would get it downloading and once downloaded, the force flag was no longer meaningful.

I found that these torrents are being uploaded at the times I had the scheduler set to leave bittorrent off. It took me a while to piece it together, but because I force-downloaded it, the scheduler would then force-upload it. And to me as a user, this is unexpected - I thought it would start the download even though the scheduler was off, but did not expect the "force" flag to be persisted past that.

So in other words, the force-start flag used to kick off a download should not persist once the download is done, and should not then be used to bypass the scheduler saying not to do uploads. At least in my opinion. :-)

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